In modern animal nutrition, there is growing demand for natural additives that stimulate the growth and development of animals, and among them the most used are mycotoxin adsorbents, growth promoters (probiotics, prebiotics) and minerals (inorganic and organic sources).

Minerals - in addition to well-known form of inorganic minerals (oxides, sulfates, chlorides), today we can see more and more people using organic complexes of microelements (amino acid/trace minerals complexes) . This organic minerals improve physical and reproductive performance of animals, increase bioavailability and absorption in the digestive tract, general health and resistance.

Mycotoxin adsorbents – Mycotoxins create mold in the feed with a higher percentage of moisture, causing symptoms such as loss of immunity, poor growth and reduced fertility, all of which results in lower cost-breeding animals. Moulds reduce the nutritional value of feeds, produce dust and unpleasant taste in food. Analytical determination and diagnosis are very complex and there are practical ways for their removal from feed. For this reason, specially formulated adsorbents are added to feed, to protect animals from contamination. Lately, the most commonly used adsorbents are from inorganic origin (activated carbon, hydrated sodium calcium, sodium bentonite, etc.), but we can perceive more and more benefits from the use of organic mycotoxin adsorbents based on modified yeast cell wall of the culture Saccharomyces cerevisiae that has a wide range of effects on higher number of different mycotoxins.

Growth promoters (probiotics and prebiotics) – more and more people apply a natural alternative to antibiotics thus avoiding possible side effects due to the addition of antibiotics. Probiotic preparations based on mannan oligosaccharides compensate the damaged intestinal flora and prevent pathogenic bacteria to multiply and undermine the health of animals. Mannans create complex with bacteria that prevents the binding of pathogens to the intestinal cell wall. Probiotic preparations promote beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, which leads to better digestibility of feed, and consequently daily weight gain is improved and we can see better conversion rates.