1. Will I get better milk yield by adding live yeast cells to my feed?

Yes. Using products based on live yeast cells (Benesacc), you can expect in a very short period of time, if the cows are in good condition, increase in milk production because yeast cells contain a variety of amino acids whose nutritional value is high. Also, there is a modification of rumen pH which creates optimal conditions for the digestibility of nutrients and their flow from the rumen into the intestine, which results in increased milk production.

2. I doubt that I have mytoxins in feed. Do you have an adsorbent that would effectively address this problem which is on the natural basis?

Yes, we have. Using our Mycopurge in animal feed will effectively reduce the levels of mycotoxins due to its wide range of effects on different mycotoxins. For more information about this product, please read the section PRODUCTS.

3. Can I use Benesacc along with Excelmos in pig production?

Of course you can. All of our products are natural, they don’t diminish each other if they are used in combination, they even act in synergy and provide better production results.

4.I have a farm of broilers in a populated area. The neighbors often complain about odors coming from the farm. Can you recommend me some additive that would effectively reduce the problem of odors?

It would be best to use Yucca Plus Powder in your production. It is scientifically proven that the extract of Yucca effectively adopts ammonia significantly reducing its adverse effects not only for animals but also for the environment.